Monday, June 18, 2012

MedSounds Audition

PJ, who is a friend of mine, decided to join MedSounds because he wanted to perform. And who wouldn't want to hear his voice. It's deep, cold and really soothing. I love hearing him sing because he has such a great voice and if he could only practice and perform, I know people would appreciate his talent. So he decided to enter the auditions held. Here's the video where he sang Here Without You.
Well, you be the judge. I love his deep voice, the officers think so too. 

He had to sing different types of song because the officers need to know his capacity to sing different genres. They kept on asking him to sing a different song of a different genre. I'm just glad that PJ knows some songs that greatly suits his voice and just WOWed the people. I was thinking that time, "BRING IT ON!" If only I could say it infront of those guys by the drumset, but I'm not the one auditioning so I just kept it to myself.

And sorry about the guy who rudely passes infront of PJ (a couple of times) while he's singing. That's the "EX-president" of MedSounds. Yup, what he did even if he WAS the president was really rude. Imagine, you are singing then someone just passes by infront of you without even bowing your head or even saying excuse. I don't care if you have great talent in singing or in playing an instrument, but the manners you showed are NOT COOL! I'm just glad that the current officers have great conduct, friendly and accomodating.

Shout out to Rhaina (president), Elli, Eugene, Jed and Imy. May the power of MedSounds prosper into greater force! Keeping music alive, thanks!


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