Monday, June 4, 2012

I BELIEVE: tinted moisturizers are better

I believe tinted moisturizers are better. Why? Tinted moisturizers seeps through your skin. That's why it's called moisturizers, they let the ingredients work on your skin. Liquid foundation on the other hand, just sits on your skin and your skin doesn't absorb it like tinted moisturizers do.

And because tinted moisturizers are absorbed in your skin, they can be a part of your morning routine after you cleanse your face. Most of these have a whitening effect and has SPF which protects your skin from the sun. Exposure to too much sunlight can cause age spots, wrinkles and skin damage. You don't want to look older than your age right?
Most popular tinted moisturizers are BB creams, and they've been a craze all over the world. It's because they can be a great substitute for liquid foundation. They can provide sheer to heavy coverage once you build them up. I've tried 3 of those, here are some:
THE FACE SHOP Power Perfection BB cream
MAYBELLINE NY Clear Smooth BB cream
SKIN79 BB Cream
There are a lot of BB creams out there, you just have to find the right one for your skin type. Anyway, that's practically it! Till next time! ;)


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