Monday, June 25, 2012

Ruining a nice road

I might get wanted for this post by government officials but I know that it'll raise some awareness to other people. Have you notice that whenever elections are near, good roads are suddenly ruined by heavy machinery?

I always get pissed seeing that roads that are really good suddenly destroyed in a flash. Look at the picture, this part of the road doesn't even have a crack in it before it was destroyed by the heavy machinery. You can see the other side of the road or even this little part at the lower left side of the picture. See how nice the cement is? Some of the good roads ruined are:
*Governor's Drive
   -GMA to Pala-pala
   -Pala-pala to Trece Martires City
*Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
   -Pala-pala to Dasma
*Crisanto M. delos Reyes Ave.
   -Manggahan to Amadeo

My dad and I always talks about this whenever we see this things happen to good roads. Dad says that officials always does this before elections so they would write something that they have done during their term. The most shocking thing is that I usually see tarpaulins showing government officials name and picture and what road are their project, sometimes they even put the price of the project just so people would know. The tarps usually says "road widening" but the road hasn't been widened at all. They would shatter the a few meters of a good road cement and then they would repair it.

We have some suggestions that might help:
*please widen the road, really!
*please use the cement or asphalt on roads that needs repairing and not the roads that are good & doesn't have cracks
*please use the cement or asphalt on roads that hasn't been developed yet
*please make a footbridge so people would be safe in crossing the street and don't just jaywalk anywhere they want.

Well, this is my opinion. This is my blog. I know my rights, you should know yours. We should be aware of the changes in our places. We should also know where our taxes go. We should also make other people realize these kinds of things. Who's with me?


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