Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OMG! Dorm Transformation

Agatha and I decided to visit Jay's dorm last week because we'll be watching Fast 5 there.  And also for the reason that he has great speakers that we can use so we'll better appreciate the movie. And to our surprise as we arrived at his dorm, it was far from how I remembered it.
Well, that's Agatha with a heavy ball that looks like a basketball. Anyway, can you see the light blue linoleum under the bed? That was the only linoleum he had last school year so we were literally in shock seeing the floor covered in green linoleum. Obligatory picture taking!

Take a look at this! Jay also had a small refrigerator now. We can now use it to keep our drinks cool if ever we need to freshen up. Look at Agatha, she looks so excited posing here at the new refrigerator. Actually that's exactly how I looked like seeing all the changes in Jay's dorm. I wonder if I'll ever have a dorm in my senior years in Med. Till next time! ;)


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