Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AMAZING 1st Day as 2nd year Med-student

I arrived at the DLSHSI campus around 10minutes before 8am. I went straight for the huts to find Agatha and Japa before heading at Animo Center. And I was in shock when I saw Japa because her almost 3 feet hair, she cut into an extra short hairstyle. I'll post a picture in the next few days. Oh anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that I've been included at the Dean's List. Here's a shot of my certificated with my name in flashing lights (kidding!)

I'm so excited to tell my parents about it that when I got the pamphlet, Carlo who is a friend of mine told me that I'm one of the dean's lister. I immediately texted my mom and dad. Dad congratulated me, and mom suddenly won't stop calling my phone in the middle of the ceremony. She thought that parents are required to be there at the awarding. I told her NO, it'll just be a simple awarding type of ceremony. Look at me smiling weirdly here, I'm just so happy. THANK YOU LORD!!! ;)
I'm already excited to be a 2nd year even though our professors kept scaring us about how difficult this year would be. I know it'll be difficult but we all have to strive hard. Our group of friends will try to be part of the dean's list again next year and will try our best this year. I'm really thankful that hardwork paid off. It's just a PURE BLESSING and I'm very thankful for it! ;)


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