Sunday, August 5, 2012

SKIN79 BB Cream

Agatha's older sister, ate Cindy allowed us to try the Skin79 BB cream she had. She told us that she doesn't like it because it is way too dark for her skin. On my skin, it just sits on fairly. Here's a shot of the tube.

So what it does?
*it whitens
*it has UV protection
*it has SPF 35
*it is soothing & concealing
It really does conceal, it gives a medium to heavy coverage without looking too put together, it definitely works like a foundation. You can also either set it with powder or leave it as it is. And because it's not that liquid, for me it's hard to blend with using just my fingers since whenever I'm on the go, I don't usually use brushes when applying BB cream.
Although it looks like it is yellowish, it is in grey undertone.  Which makes your skin look lighter. Notice that when I blended it, the whiter side of my hand *near the thumb* is quite obvious. Remember what YT make up gurus say, the foundation / BB cream is great on your skin if it blends well & is barely noticeable. Anyway, I decided to try it. Here's me without any make up, just my sunblock. *Pardon my unruly skin with blemishes & pimple scars*
And here's a picture of me after applying the BB cream and setting it with my Clean & Clear Pressed Powder in Natural. Actually that's my go-to look everyday. Powder, blush and lipstick, just enough to last the day and give color to my face. Please pardon the wet look, I always look like that before going out because my hair will eventually dry on my way to school. You see, I don't have my own car so I commute.
It evened out my skin, my pores are barely visible and it works well with my pressed powder. The thing I just noticed is that, when it is oxidized *oil from my face oxidizes the make up making it few shades darker than my usual skin tone* my face becomes way too dark. Besides that, I have nothing against it because I've been using it for a week now and it didn't cause me any break outs. I suggest you try this and let me know what you think in the comment box below. Thank you for reading, until next time! ;)


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