Monday, June 4, 2012

Skin Types

I personally think you should know what your skin type is before buying beauty products. This way, you know how your skin will react to certain ingredients on the product you using. This is also a step on achieving great results from the product you are purchasing. These are just quick tips on how to know what your skin type is. Let's start.

There are 5 major skin types that you should know.
1. Normal Skin Type
-this skin type have less problematic skin
-skin is smooth and you can kiss their cheeks all day long
-their skin produced enough amount of oil just to keep it supple
-therefore their pores are just normal in size
-daily management is enough for this type
Here's Sofia. Look how cute her eyes is!

2. Dry Skin Type
-from the name itself dry, skin doesn't produce enough oil
-they usually sweat rather than get oily (blotting papers don't work on them)
-also has quite a smooth skin but sometimes tend to get flaky
-their pores are barely visible
-daily management and hydration is required
This is our little princess Japa, I love her lips!
3. Oily Skin Type (my skin type)
-this type tends to get greasy all over the face, blotting papers needed
-easily get tanned when exposed to sunlight
-their pores are enlarged (usually beside the nose)
-this skin is prone to acne but not prone to aging
-careful cleaning is needed
This is me, smiling awkwardly
4. Combination Skin Type
-oily in the T-zone, dry on the cheeks
-they have smooth skin but sometimes get acne on certain areas
-medium pore size just on the areas that tend to get oily
-thorough cleaning is applied on the areas that are usually oily
This is KC, you might have seen her in some of my blog posts.
5. Sensitive Skin Type
-this skin type can be either be any of the skin types mentioned
-they sometimes have breakouts but not that problematic
-skin tends to get red when overly exposed to sunlight or chemicals from make up
-skin is also delicate, thin and usually has fine pores
-gentle skin care routine is needed
Here's Cathy. This girl just swam a mile! 
Questions that might further help you in determining you skin type:
1. What areas in your face do you usually tend to get oily?
2. Is blotting paper ever useful for you?
3. What's the appearance of your pores? (fine, visible, large)
4. How does your skin feels when touched? (dry, smooth, greasy)
5. What happens to your skin when you're exposed to sunlight? (none, tan, red)
I hope these bits of information helped you. This is how I learned and you can still visit a lot of sites telling you about how to determine your skin type and how to take care of it. Anyway, I would like to thank my friends for these photos. Till next time! ;)


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