Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sutures gone

1 week after the impacted tooth on the right side of my mandible has been extracted, oh yes! The sutures have been pulled out! I feel a bit pain but I can manage. My dentist even asked me when will I have the other impacted tooth extracted, I actually answered I don't want it to be pulled out anymore, I don't have the guts to do this agony all over again. Anyway, here's a picture where you can see there's no sutures anymore. Just a whole lot of gums.

Anyway, it was just a simple procedure and no need to inject anesthesia. I was expecting it to hurt because I'm already anticipating the how the sutures will pass through my gums. I can still feel a bit of a sting just thinking about it. What the dentist did is cut the suture in half then slowly pulls it out. And that's actually it. I had my last dose of antibiotics last 4pm just to prevent infection and reduce the swelling. The right cheek has still a bit of swelling, I can measure it because whenever I smile I have a line at the corners of my mouth. Whenever I look at the mirror, I notice the lines. I have more prominent lines on the left side of my mouth but not that visible on my right side mouth corner. I don't have a proper picture for it and this is the closest one I've got, sorry. But I hope I have described it just enough. I can't wait for the time for it to totally heal completely so I can eat properly. 

For this whole week, I'm living with just a spoonful of rice every meal. It hurts whenever food goes near my wound and I can't even open my mouth completely. That's why I eat less than I wanted and I've already lost an inch on my waistline. What involuntary hurts? Yawning!!!! It feels like my wound has been stretched so bad and I would end up regretting that I'm sleepy. Anyway, sorry about the picture just keeping updates on how it looked like when I had impacted tooth extraction. ;P


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