Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New things this morning

This morning, I was supposed to be at school to check my grades and ask when will be the assessment and enrolment for 2nd year med school. Luckily, my friend was already there when I woke and and just told me not to go because there is nothing to do there. The assessment and enrolment starts on May 2 so that gives me more than a week to buy new books. I calculated the total price of my books and 0_0 OMG!!! 30k?!?! That is too much. Well anyway, that gives me more guilt if I ever fail an exam. arrrghh! I heard that the tuition fee will reach up to 108k, gawd! Should I be applying for scholarship? ;(

For this morning, I had home-made mac & cheese and home-made milk tea!! Acoording to my mom, after cooking the macaroni toss in a bunch of chopped hotdogs and bacon sauted in butter, milk and cheese and that's actually it. As for the milk tea, I just took a Lipton tea and added some milk. ;) 


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