Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautification All Day Long

I tried the Bohemian skirt I had again, I just don't know why. Uhmm. Maybe because I like it airy? Anyway, here's a shot of my OOTD while I have no idea how to pose beautifully. Why do I always look so awkward?

Today, I decided to go and drop by Ms. Aila Apolo's Office to buy my own Encara BB cream. The office is really easy to find. It's just across Gate 2 of DLSU-D, the mark is when you see the Asian Star Printing press.The glass doors with red frames, that's it. It was really great meeting her because she taught me some tips on applying the Encara BB cream and explained it the way I'll understand it. I told her I'll do a review about the Encara BB cream when I got the chance. (I'll do a separate blog post about it.) I love talking to her, and I really learned a lot. It's like I already attended a short make up workshop without the hassle of going to Manila. I bought the BB cream for 499pesos, she said that it costs more than a thousand and they held the 50% promo so that people will notice the product. SHARE THE WORD!!! :)
After having a little make over at Ms. Aila's office, I headed straight to Walter Mart to grab some lunch at KFC. I had some Pasta Bowl in Alfredo and Chocolate Tiramisu. Then I went to the salon to get my hair rebonded. I usually go to Edwin Samot because I love the rebonding treatment they always do to my hair, my hair stays straight, smooth and shiny for over a year! BEAT THAT high priced salons! When I first tried the rebond there, it cost me 4thousand. But now that I'm a regulat costumer, they just charged me with 2thousand. Here's shot of my before and after.
I had a color on my cellophane treatment, it's chestnut brown and it definitely looks RED to me. But anyway, I still like it even though my favorite hairdresser Ate Leizel isn't around because she's on maternity leave. I love how she does my haircut and how the treatment goes. She can talk you through the specific type or kind of haircut you want. Advance Congratulations on your baby! Hope to see you soon. Shot of the ongoing rebonding process.
And did I told you that my brother also has impacted tooth on both sides of his mandible like mine? Well he got the left side pulled out last Wednesday. Funny thing is, when I ask him to open his mouth so I could look at his stitches, he open's it like this. (Just an inch open!)
Now, I see what I look like I had my impacted tooth pulled out. I can't force my mouth to open because it hurts and it feels like the stitches are going to rip my gums out. The only difference between me and my brother is that, his face doesn't look swollen, unlike mine before! And the procedure was just done in 30minutes unlike mine which is more than an hour. Anyway, here's a shot of my brother with a bit of swelling on his left lower cheek.
I love my brother so much even though he's a pain in the neck most of the time. Get well soon, bro! mwuah! ;)


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