Thursday, March 20, 2014

AVON: Simply Pretty BB Cream

I have known Avon ladies from all over the Philippines and I am sure there are also Avon ladies around the globe. Considering the fact that there are international artists that endorse Avon products. I remember the first few things my mom got me from Avon is a lipstick and an eye liner. She have been using Avon products even before she got me those. Oops, that's a long intro. I'm sorry, moving on.
This is the AVON: Simply Pretty BB Cream. They have a wide range of make-up products. And this is the first time they released a BB cream. Well maybe because more and more Filipinas enjoy BB cream because it gives natural coverage with skin care benefits.


  • It gives medium coverage, great for blemishes
  • Has natural properties that works like a skin care
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Great for undereye darkness
  • Watery consistency, easier to blend
  • Moisturizing and keeps skin hydrated
  • Can be set without powder
  • Stays put up to 6 hours
  • inexpensive, 129php
  • They have limited shade variability
  • Gives a white cast (whitening eh)
  • They didn't mention if it has sunscreen or SPF (baka wala)
  • Can be cakey if layered too much
  • If set with too much powder, appears cakey
  • Available only at AVON dealers
I love this for everyday use if I don't want to use too much make up but still want to look presentable.  What do you think? The blemishes are totally covered after application. Lemme know if you have tried this in the comment box below, thanks for dropping by! ;)


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