Thursday, April 3, 2014


I already tried Garnier Eye roll-on which helps reduce fine lines and underye darkness. I have used it last year and I had provided me with comfort everytime I glide it under my eye. I just learned about the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on juste because of the beauty gurus in youtube have been using them. So last year, I was thinking of buying one but I ended up not purchasing it because I think it's a bit pricey for me (249php). At last, I got one this year!
Ok let's talk about this more (why it has been talk of the town and talk of most of the youtube beauty gurus in the past year) after the break.

The packaging was handy and easy to use. It has a metal ball for the roll-on. Think of how the mechanics like a underarm roll-on deodorant is. That's practically how this is. So now let's talk about what you'll see on the undereye area after the first minute of application.
  • It becomes fairer
  • More radiant
  • More even toned
  • With less dark circle
  • With less dark spots
  • Fresher
  • Smoother
  • Less tired
  • More hydrated
  • Tighten
It has Pure Lemon Essence that visibly removes dullness around the eye area. The mineral pigments in the product helps conceal imperfections.

  • It blends easily and seamlessly
  • Has a cooling effect upon contact with the metal ball
  • Sheer coverage, enough for natural look
  • Watery consistency
  • Can be layered and will not be cakey
  • Doesn't give off a white cast
  • Reduces dullness (with continued use)
  • Set great with powder
  • Didn't cause me any breakouts
  • Available at any beauty stores
  • Wears off after a few hours (max staying power is 4 hours)
  • For me it's pricey at 249php (you know me, everything is pricey)
  • Tends to get messy after a few times, I just think the ball is a bit loose
  • I was hoping it'll reduce pores just below the undereye area, but NO
That's practically it. You know in my school days when I have to literally crave for even an hour of sleep, this is really helpful in making me look awake and not zombie-like student. Anyway, lemme know if you have tried this in the comment box below. Thanks for dropping by! ;)


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