Friday, April 5, 2013


I love reading books ever since I was in grade 4 or 5 I think? The first books I read was Secret Garden, The Little Princess and the Nancy Drew Series. Then I got addicted to Goosebumps, it's like a horror for youngsters. They got this book where you decide what happens in the story because at the end of each page there are choices to make and will lead you to another page which is the continuation of the decision you just made. It's fun actually.

Anyway, I decided to post about this because I love reading books. And ever since I got a tab, I have been downloading ebooks online. The page where I downloaded most of my books is this is a usual site in which you can download available book FREE! All you need is an ebook reader app and you're good to go. 
Another way to have ebooks is that you can purchase it from ebooks seller. They sell for as low as 10 pesos per book. Great deal right? I found out about them on instagram, you might want to follow me if you want to check out some of the ebooks sellers. My instagram is @majorieann quite the same for almost all my accounts. Anyway, for those book lovers out there! Can you suggest some good reads for me? Thanks!


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