Monday, September 3, 2012


I've had this eyeshadow for almost a year now because KC gave it to me as a gift. Labyu KC!!! It comes with 5 gorgeous shimmery colors of Christian Dior. In normal colors, it has purple, white, blue, bronze and pink. They are all lovely and they are a type of cream eyeshadow *Pardon for having abit messy palette.*

Anyway, I rarely use this because it's too shimmery for my everyday look but I would definitely suggest this if you are going to a party at night and wanted to keep the make up stay for hours. Like I told you, it's a good base. Another good thing about this is that it doesn't crease. Let me show you a swatch of the colors. *This is the first time I'm going to swatch an eyeshadow*
It is the pink, white, bronze, violet & blue respectively. How did you like it? Excuse the dew drops below my hand, I took this picture at our terrace where it just rained. Might I just add, this eyeshadow blends well. The color doesn't last that long but the shimmer stays put. I don't know how on earth it happened. Well, that's practically it. Thank you for your time. ;)


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