Friday, July 20, 2012

BULALO Medley at Tagaytay

Whenever we attend the first Sunday mass or celebrate an occassion we always head to the Bulaluhan at Tagaytay just before reaching Mendez. I kept forgetting the name of the place but you wouldn't miss it because it is a parking lot with a lot of nipa huts where the customers use to have their meals. Plus there are musikeros or singers that play songs while you're eating.
Uhmm. That's my dad with the pink shirt, Mom and I bought that pink shirt for him at Alabang. The musikeros played a theme song from the telenovela Walang Hanggan. Mom, me and my brother were so ecstatic hearing those songs because we're an avid fan of that telenovela. Anyway, you should try eating at that place. TMC already tried this place and I bet they also loved it. Are there other place that you know of for great tasting bulalo? Thank you for your time! ;)


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