Friday, August 9, 2013

NIVEA SUN Whitening Body Sunblock

It's been the same old sentence, but just in case this is the first time you dropped by my blog. I have won COM for March from The Beauty Junkee blog. Here's a list of the products included in the gift set, view my post: Unexpected Package. But first let me tell you about the SUN.
At Hannah's Beach Resort, Pagudpod
I think you know that the sun has given us a lot of good things? The most common is that VITAMIN D. Oh well, who doesn't know about that anyway? Did you know that we Filipinos, our kayumanggi color has been the envy of the world because we are not too white, we are not too dark. Plus it gives us enough protection from the sun preventing us from having skin cancer. Oops, that went far. Back to the sun, all I can say is that it provides us with our everyday food. How? It keeps the plants and animals healthy. Point taken.
The thing about the sun, it can be damaging to the skin. How? It gives wrinkles, sunburn, early skin aging and cancer. Yes, as much as it does gives the good effects, it also has some bad ones. But what can we do, we can't hide from the sun. All we have to do is protect our skin from it.

OH WELL, just to remind you girls and guys. Even during rainy days, the sun is still at work. That's why you can still see the road during heavy rainfall, so the protection on your skin should still be there. And this one could do it for you.
It is whitening, it has immediate sun protection of SPF 30 PA ++, collagen protect and intensive moisturisation. It is what it says, non-sticky. Thus, it smooths and moisturizes the skin without giving a greasy feeling. I have been loving this and it is safe to say that it does indeed protect my skin. What more could you ask for? Thank you for your time and I hope this enlightens you with the effects of the sun. ;)


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