Monday, August 5, 2013


As a student, it is essential for me to stay awake for long hours in the morning and in the evening. But it's hard for me because I commute from house to school and back. It's really tiring at time plus the brain drain with 8 hours of lecture. So to those who manage to resist the urge to lay on their bed, I SALUTE YOU! And for people like me who is totally in love with their bed, I need coffee to boost me up. Believe it or not, caffeine really kicks my ass and keeps me awake and energetic. I've been in love with Nescafe and I'm so glad they came up with a new product.
The first one is Cookies and Cream. If you have tried the ice cream cookies and cream, that's practically how it tastes like. It's like you have placed that ice cream into the Nescafe coffee. On a separate sachet, they have cookie crumbles that you need to pour before drinking the coffee. I like it because it's yummy and it tastes like cookies. The second one is the Choco N Marshmallows. This one is the Nescafe coffee with I think swiss chocolate in it? I can't really say because it's definitely delicious. The separate sachet gives you a ton of small marshmallows as topping for your drink. Cute right?
Have you tried this one? Would you suggest some coffee flavors that are a must try for caffeine addicts like me? Thank you for your time and Godbless! ;)


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