Friday, February 8, 2013

Our beloved Strike is SICK

Our dog Strike is a very active dog. Whenever we come home from either school or somewhere, he crazily wags his tail and jumps incredibly high just to lick our cheeks. He is also very sweet, whenever one in our family is sick he would just lay beside us like he wants to cuddle. The amazing thing with him is that he is very picky when it comes to his food. If he doesn't like his food, he's ignore it for the time being and wait for his next meal. He is also very stubborn at times, if he doesn't want to get up from his bed, he won't. If he doesn't want to take a bath, he'll hide under the bed. But that what makes him unique and that's the reason why we really consider him as part of our family. His birth certificate? Strike Mahusay! ;)

Last Monday, mom noticed that he's not that jolly and active as he used to be. On Tuesday, he found a rat and accidentally bit it. Thursday, mom told us he's not leaving his bed and would just eat a spoonful per meal for the whole day. Mom called me and my brother to get home early so we could bring Strike to the vet. When we got to the clinic, the vet assessed Strike and told us he has fever. They took blood samples and injected him with Paracetamol intramuscularly. She also gave us some medicine and appetite booster while waiting for the blood exam results for tomorrow. That night, he eat a handful of food and decided to sleep at my brother's bed.
Friday afternoon we went back to the clinic to talk to the vet about the blood exam results of Strike. She told us that Strike has extremely low platelet count. The normal range is 211-621, strike's is just 36!!! Another concern that the vet told us is that his liver might be inflamed because the normal range for hepatic enzyme is 10-109, Strike's result is 306. Hepatitis is the major concern. This might be due to accumulation of spices or bits of chocolates (which is both harmful to the dog) in the liver.
The doctor prescribed:
*Antibiotics (Doxyvet) for 2 weeks
*Anti Inflammatory (Dexamathasone) for 3days
*Liv 52 (for liver disease) for 30days
*Liver Diet (for liver recovery)
*Dextrose Powder
Dad immediately drive home from Quezon just to check up on Strike, he even calls mom almost everyday just to check up on Strike. We are just hoping he gets well soon enough. We don't mind the money, we just need him to get better. We are so worried because he's the only baby we got in our home. Please pray for his recovery. Thank you so much! ;)


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