Monday, February 4, 2013


As a nurse and now a medical student, I'm aware of all the bacteria lurking in almost everything we see in our daily lives. In an office, the dirtiest one is the phone, while in a school the dirtiest is the doorknob, in a mall the dirtiest is the handle on the escalator. See how sometimes I overreact on these kinds of things. As I always say, better be safe than sorry. Let's move on and talk about the product I'm going to tell you about. I actually had this sanitizer for months and I love it. I wonder why I haven't written a post about it. Anyway, I bought this when we had and event in our school where there is a mini bazaar on the sidewalk on the way to the event center. I decided to try it because it's organic, nor harmful chemicals added.
(Photo from the Human Heart Nature)
This product claims to:
*Keep harmful bacteria away (kills 99.99% of germs)
*Doesn't dry the hands
*Can also be used to disinfect toys, hard surfaces & toilet seats
*No parabens, phthalates, triclosan & PEGs
*It smells delicious (literally like you're smelling fruits)
I have nothing more to add because I love this product. In cause you wanna go organic, and smell delicious this is a good start. My friends also love it and they always say the same thing "That smells like fruits, it's delicious!" I can't blame them, it really is that good and I suggest you try it. In case you want to know more about this brand and their product here are their sites:
Human Heart Nature on Facebook
Human Heart Nature Website


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