Thursday, January 10, 2013

AVON Smooth Minerals Blush in Blushed

I decided to ask mom to borrow our neighbor's avon brochure just to look at some products, mom agreed because she also needs to buy some deodorants. I scanned through the pages and saw a gorgeous color of blush. The Smooth Minerals Blush by Avon for me it's like a a blush and bronzer in one. The one I got is Blushed, there is also Radiance and Blushing Mauve available as other choices. I'm quite glad that I saw this, because it is just 199pesos for a 2.5g. Let's start with the package, it's just a normal flat container usually for powder or blush. The thing about it is that it doesn't even have a sponge in it. I mean the sponge will occlude the loose powder, if there's no sponge the powder will just dispense itself and will create a mess if I opened it again. I borrowed from my mom a small sponge just to prevent the mess if ever. Here's a shot of the package.

The product's color like I said is like a blush and contour at the same time, brownish-dark orange like type. I love it because it has little shimmer to it when you have blended it to your skin. It doesn't feel heavy, I looked like I literally blushed and I didn't itch. Well I guess it stands true to its name "Smooth Minerals." Here's the powder on my hand. 
Pardon me because I don't have a picture of it blended out because I can't get the right angle to show the effect of the blush on my skin. Here's the closest picture I've got. My cheeks just looked a bit edged than usual, so I guess the product did its job. ;)
I would definitely buy another one of this. It is a really good product, I'm glad it's not that much expensive. I love Avon, thank you for this product! <3

Here's the link for:
Avon Website
Avon on Facebook


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