Monday, January 7, 2013


I've been loving the Maybelline New York Clear Smooth BB cream. I've been using it for almost 2 years now and I've loved it ever since. I always had the 01 fresh. It stands up to its name Blemish Balm.   The package comes in a small tube with a nozzle so you'll be able to control the amount of product you'll dispense.

What it does is:
*Brighthens skin like you just had a glowing foundation
*Evens out skin tone
*Smoothes face
*Refines lines for that younger skin
*Clears and Conceals for that flawless look
*Moisturizes so your skin becomes hydrated
*Protects skin with the help of SPF 26
It blends perfectly on my skin. I love it so much because it really evens out the skin tone and instantly lightens the skin without the overdone look. Here's how the product look like and how it its blended out. Look how it perfectly lightens my skin without being noticeably literally white.

See? What's not to love about this product. I haven't tried other BB cream so this one is still my favorite. You should try it. It is available in Watsons in any SM mall branches. It costs around 200pesos and it is all worth it. ;)

Here's the link for:
Maybelline Website
Maybelline on Facebook


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