Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Face of the Day: Berry Lips

Did you know that Fall is already here and it's time to try the trend that everybody is loving! Berry Lips. Oh yes! I tried wearing it at school and my friends love it. Maybe cause it is a combination of plum, rose and red. It's sooo lovely when it is paired with natural looking eyes. BTW, please pardon my unequal crease. My right eye always looks more hooded than the other. Anyway here it is! ;)
Bootycall on the lids, inner corner, brownbone
Suspect on the crease area
Black liquid eyeliner on upper lashline
White pencil eyeliner on lower lashline
Black Mascara on upper lashes
(All of the colors here are from UD Naked 2 palette which I got from 
Unico Moda. And yes! I know I've been repetitive about this but I would really appreciate it if you hit the LIKE button of their page. Here's a close up view of what I've created for a simple look on the eyes.)
Fashion 21 Lipliner in L.543 all over my lips
VS Lipstick in Limelight on top (which I also got from UNICO MODA)
Combining these 2 colors gave me this Berry look on the lips. Kinda dark but still girly. I hope you would also try this look. And one more thing, don't buy a lot of lipsticks. I suggest you experiment with the ones you have. Mix and match to create lovely colors you could ever imagine. Here is a tip on 
creating your own shade of lipstick. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps. Till next time! ;)


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