Thursday, November 8, 2012


Remember that I had an unexpected gift from a friend because it's my birthday. Wen gave me a surprise gift which is a SUN BEAM from Benefit. Actually, I've been eyeing on this product long time because I want to have a liquid highlighter but I'm on a tight budget, kaya kelangan muna mag ipon. Another thing is that it is available in UNICO MODA. Which is an online shop of beauty product owned by a friend of mine Pam. Please drop by their page and I'd really appreciate it if you hit the LIKE button. Thank you so much. Anyway moving on the product.

The thing I love about this is it gives your skin a golden bronze appearance. So if you don't have a fair skin like me, this is the right highlight for you. The other highlight they have is HighBeam and MoonBeam which is great for fair skin like I said. However the SunBeam gives you a sunkissed radiance like your skin is glowing and it gives a dewy finish.
It comes in a small bottle with a nail polish like applicator. The trick on using this is that, you dot it across the high points of your cheeks then blend. Don't worry if you apply this on top of your make up, it won't move your make and it'll just sit on top of it acting like a light reflector. Here's a shot where I heavily swatched it on my arm just so you can see the color.
Notice the golden bronze color. It's not glittery, it's not shimmery. It is like a shine that can lift your cheeks making your cheekbones a look higher. With this product you don't have to worry about blending it less or too much. And here is a shot where I applied it on top of my make up.
Oops! I draw a line so you can easily identify the SunBeam and my blush, because if I wouldn't where it started & ended will not be noticeable. And that's why I love it, because it blends greatly with your make up. For better identification, try tilting the your monitor backwards. Another thing I'd like you all to know, rubbing it and water doesn't budge this. Which is great if you get sweaty and start to rub your face. Anyway, I hope this post helps and let me know what do you think of this product? Have you tried it?Thank you for dropping by, till next time! ;)


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