Saturday, August 4, 2012

McDonald's BIG and TASTY

HELLWEEK (wave of exams, twice a day, everyday) 
is finally O-V-E-R!!!
And we decided to treat ourselves with McDo's Big and Tasty burger. The gelz told us that it really tasted good and it be a great reward for doing good in the past hellweek. So us girls decided to try it. Yes, I had a week of days sleeping in the wee hours of the morning just to review. And I'm quite glad with the results so I definitely deserve this treat! It's 145pesos with regular fries & drink, but since I asked for a twister fries instead of the regular one, I paid all of this for 170pesos. 
And since that the Twister fries is back, I wouldn't miss having an order of it. KC said she still like the regular fries, but for me the twister fries definitely deserves a standing ovation *insert slow clap here*.
And the gelz are with us today!!! Too bad, Princess Japa wasn't able to come to our post-exams celebration because she's having a bad headache. Look at these dashing lads, these are the ones that got the best out of their review and god high grades. *insert another slow clap here* Fritz, you look like some poltergeist over there!! Get that smile off your face, right now! kidding.. ;)
And now, the judging of the famous Big and Tasty. What can I say, I love how it tasted and I'm totally speechless that time. All I can say is ANSARAP! Then I kept quiet while eating because I'm concentrating and savoring the burger. I deserve this! 170pesos was worth it, I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!! Here are the list of the contents of this yummy burger (c/o KC's blogpost: McDo's Big and Tasty) This was actually an excerpt from her blogpost.
Okay. The burger is stuffed with the following:
  1. Sesame seed bun
  2. Dressing (I’m guessing it’s thousand islands dressing) *YUMM*
  3. VEGETABLES (tomatoes, pickles, lettuces, onions) *fave*
  4. Cheese *even another fave*
  5. 1/4 quarter pound “oh-so” 100% juicy patty  

So, have you tried the Big and Tasty burger of Mcdo? Tell me what do you think about it? The patty was yummy, my tummy was happy and I'm quite sleepy. I love the rhyming of the words I did. Leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe! Thank you for your time reading. ;)


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