Monday, August 6, 2012

Clenth Bawag Photography

I've known Clenth for years now, even though we haven't been keeping in touch we try to catch up whenever we have time. We both have a very busy schedule, I got into med school and he got his job. Lately, I've been seeing post that he's into photography and I'm quite privileged to blog about his creations. Here are some samples.
When I asked him what photo can I use, he said I could post this one and I can choose any other pictures that I would like to include. Like these other beautiful photos:

He just got started in photography but I believe in his talent and I know that he'll soar in this line, you can actually see it clearly in his photos. And just take a look at these models, aren't they gorgeous? They look so perfect in these photos. Uhmm. If ever you needed his photography skills,you can contact him thru his facebook: Clenth Bawag Photography. Thank you for your time reading, as for Clenth, keep up the great work! ;)


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