Thursday, June 7, 2012

Years come by fast

When you are doing something, it feels like time flies away so fast. Moments pass by and all that's left are traces of it from memory. But why does when you are bored, you feel that the clock stops and the seconds are having a hard time ticking? I'm really wondering, so if you have answers for me, leave it on the comment box below.

Its seems like yesterday whenever I remember how we adopted Strike and made him part of our family. He was so small he could sleep on a soup bowl. You can ever carry him on you palm while he's sitting. Yup, he's that small. He's the smallest among the 6 puppies her mom gave birth to. All the 5 ones already been adopted and they taught Strike would die because he's so small no one liked him. And because we don't have any dogs that time, we decided to take him. He likes to sleep with me when he was small and he loves milk!

Now, whenever I look at him I think he's getting old. And it'll break our hearts if he suddenly left us. That would be one of the heartbreaks that we'll have to face strongly. Mom and Dad even went to a vet to get him a birth certificate where his name is Strike Mahusay. He's already a part of our family. ;)


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