Saturday, June 16, 2012

I won a Giveaway Contest!!

This post was way over due. Anyway last week, a package arrived. And when I saw the name from whom it came from, I screamed excitedly. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! It's the package from Ms. Georgia of Wake Up for Make up. As you can remember in the previous posts, I have won her giveaway! Here are the links:
Beauty Bag Giveaway
Beauty Bag Giveaway Winners
I was really excited to have the beauty bag and blog about it but unfortunately, class started and I ended up having less time to blog. So pardon if I haven't been blogging and when I do blog, it is less wordy. If you have met me in person, I'm very talkative so not being wordy on my blog posts is so not like me. Anyway, let's move on with the prize I've won! ;)

This is the bag that I took out from the. package. Look how pretty the HOT PINK color is! I was so excited to open it already that's why some of the pictures are not nicely taken. I was literally shaking with excitement. And to heightened my emotions, the beauty products inside the bag are wrapped in red Japanese paper. Look!
I was thinking: should I just rip it open or should I just savor the moment upon opening it? Oh well after a few moments in eternity, I decided to just gently open it and give the wrapper to my mom in case she needs it to wrap something. Here are the products inside the beauty bag.
Snoe White beauty bar. I haven't tried this because if you have read any of my Skin care routine (Morning skin care and Evening skin care), I have been using my body soap on my face for the fact that it literally dries up my skin. Which is good for my face because I tend to get super oily. Well, I'll update you on this once I've tried it.
These are from Bath & Body work. The tube on the left side is a Body Cream with a scent of Cucumber melon, I've tried it and it works good on me. It has a very thick consistency that makes it adhere to your skin more. It absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth. The other 2 tubes are hand sanitizers with the scent of cucumber melon & tea island cotton. Both scents smell really good and I love the fact that it doesn't feel sticky upon application.

I haven't tried this mineral blush so maybe I'll do a separate blog post about this. I still have my mineral blush from Avon, read it HERE.) I just love how the peach color looks and it has a bit of shimmer in it. No overpowering glitter here, so no worries. There is also a mini mineral eyeshadow has a bright white color. And as the label has stated, multi purpose. So maybe it can be used as a highlight or just an eyeshadow itself. I love how it also has a bit of shimmer in it, lovely! It will be a great shade to brighten the eye area.

The prize also included the pocket mirror which had a statement: Who's the fairest of them all? It also has a French phrase and I have no idea on how to read it much less understand it. Anyway, if you have answers for me let me know at the comment box below. I don't usually trust web translators.
There is also 2 mini lipgloss. One clear and the other one has a reddish tint. I haven't tried this one because I'm saving all my things for special occasion. I'll do a separate post on this and see how it works on me. I don't usually wear lipgloss because my lips tend to look super full when I wear one. It's like I'm challenging Angelina Jolie for a plump-lip-fight!
It also included 2 nail colors, pink and blue with a toe separator. I usually go to the parlor to have my pedicure done because I have no idea on how to do a pedicure on my toes. I just trim my toenails the simple way using only a nailcutter. Getting a pedicure atleast once a month keeps me from having hang nails. Ouch!
I hope I still have time to join giveaways because I just love joining them because I love seeing the products that are in the giveaway even though I don't usually win. I always kept thinking, hmmmmm. I wonder when will I win a palette. Out of hundreds that have entered, will I be one of the girls chosen to win? Anyway, just to let you girls know I just entered 4 giveaways. I wonder if I'll have the giveaway on the first anniversary of my blog, what do you girls think? Leave me comment down below. Anyway, till next time! ;)


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