Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fake Seatbelt

OMG! I seated at the passenger seat and when the seatbelt sign is implemented at the Carmona Exit the driver just had to fake his seatbelt. He just placed the end of the belt under his thigh. I was totally astounded when I saw him tuck it. It'll never protect him from harm. My mind was screaming "WTF are you doing?! You're gonna get killed or get into an accident! Jusmiyo marimar, gusto ko pa maka uwi ng buhay!"
Anyway, I'm just scared for my life. And that time I just wanted a safe trip. I hope that driver is safe and he fixed that seatbelt of his. Well, since I'm blogging right now, it means I'm safe at home. Bon voyage! ;)


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