Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can't Live Without You

Mom and Strike got out this afternoon for a walk and to visit the house my dad is trying to rebuild. I actually can't tell you the whole story, just bits and pieces of it because mom kept laughing while she's telling me the story. They are actually having fun of Strike for a few hours.

**Strike kept following mom around the house even though he didn't have his leash. It's funny because we don't usually let Strike out without his leash because he runs like a crazy around the neighborhood.
**When mom hid from Strike in one of the rooms, Marco (my brother) said: Hala ka Strike, umuwi na si mamy at iniwan ka na! (Strike, mom already went home and left you!) Strike ran up and down the stairs, checking each room he passes by looking for mom and that's a couple of time according to mom. When mom showed up, Strike kept jumping at her trying to lick her face!
**Mom has to go outside the house so she has to leave Strike inside the house. When mom closed the gate, she can still see Strike thru the railings and he's howling loudly at her. Mom said maybe Strike want to go out too that's why he's crying! (Mom, Strike's crying? Really?)
**When mom picked up the leash, Strike jumped at her again trying to reach her face because he's excited. Mom said: Akala siguro niya uuwi na kami. (Maybe he thought we'd be leaving already.)

I definitely love my family. They really tend to get funny at times. And if you want to meet our dog here's some of his videos.
How can I explain this, uhmm. Mom gets angry if Strike messes up the floor with food so mom gives him a bondpaper as a placemat. He does obey mom and just so he can have some crackers.
I was actually watching him have his newly prepared lunch when I noticed that he kept on trying to cool his food by spraying water on it. Witty huh? Maybe Strike can't really live without us but it'll crash our hearts if we lost him. Much love Strike Mahusay! <3


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