Monday, June 4, 2012

I BELIEVE: make up makes you feel better

I believe make up makes you feel better. Why? It makes you look good. If you are wearing make up just to impress someone or other people, then forget it.I say, when wearing make up, wear it because you want to look and feel a bit better about yourself. Yes, natural beauty is always the best. But a simple dab of lipstick can make you feel VA-VA-VOOM!! ;)
Most users of make up are women, but now some men are using them. Take for example the famous BB creams, because of it's great benefits on skin more and more people are using it. The Face Shop has already BB cream for men which can be used daily without having to problem looking like a men wore make up.

Remember the saying "Dress to Impress" ..? I say, "Dress to Express." When you feel good about yourself, it's like you're radiating with positive energy. You can even inspire them. Just SMILE! Till next time. ;)


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