Sunday, June 3, 2012

7 Surprising Foods that Fight Stress

And yes because classes will start this Tuesday, I'm packing these foods to munch on throughout the second year. The link at the bottom of this post tell you why they can ease stress. While I tell you where to find them.
1. Nuts. They can be bought at the streets. I love the adobong mani, maybe because it's the usual nut I find. Whenever I see Cashew nuts, I buy them even if they're a bit expensive than the usual nuts. For a 10pesos serving, usually in a mini paperbag, it's enough for the day.

2. Spinach. You buy these green leafy vegetable at the supermarket or your local palengke and sometimes at the vegetable vendor that is roaming around your neighborhood.

3. Fish. Those that are rich in omega 3 and they can be bought at the supermarket. You've got to believe the ads on the TV because when they say that their fish products has omega 3, they mean it. Like the famous Century Tuna. It's yummy, it has flavors, they also had corned tuna and lately they released a Hotdog tuna. I'm still wondering what it tastes like.

4. Tea. Preferably black tea which is available in any supermarket. Whenever you mix milk on a tea, it negates the benefits of the tea per se. Yes milk tea is delicious and I'm inlove with them. You can read a review on the milk teas I've tried by clicking the MILKTEA label on the quick finds. So I should be settled on having the normal Iced Tea.

5. Avocado. You don't have to go to the supermarket, any palengke would have this one. I haven't had one of these for like almost a year. Oh well, I'll try one in a shake at the school cafeteria.

6. Steak. It's the Philippines, we don't usually see steak. Please visit high class supermarkets and wear decent clothing upon entering the mall. These babies are usually served in restaurants that specialize in steaks like SteakHouse which near our school.

7. Orange Juice.  No wonder kids are not stressed out! Just grab some tetrapack or a can or bottled or powdered orange juice and you'll definitely decrease your stress levels.

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