Monday, March 10, 2014

Why people find me annoying?

Is it because I'm talented, and they are just envious?
I play the piano, LOOK! I can play a Mozart in F
Can you hear that? I'm good at this huh.
So do you play anything besides video games?

Is it because I'm brainy?
Yes, I express my opinions and I just won't care about yours
Is that even bad that I don't like you at all?
Oh gosh, I haven't finished reading this chapter.

Is it because I act differently and get angry when judged?
I love making jokes about you, but don't you dare talk about me
I have lived a different society and I don't see where your attitude fits
This is how I choose to act, no you can't ask me about it

Is it because I want my idea to be the primary consideration?
I can do this on my own, I don't need your help
You might just mess up everything and I'll have to redo everything
So I can't talk to you about how you want your idea to work

Is it because I demand respect?
I know it is earned, but I do deserve this
Besides, I think I am definitely higher than you
Please check you grades.


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