Monday, July 8, 2013

SNOE BBfied HD-BB Pigment

Did you know that SNOE is a Pinoy brand? Oh yes it is. Just click the name and it will direct you to their facebook page. See how they started and is now booming in the beauty retail industry. And yes another product from COM for March from The Beauty Junkee blog. Here's a list of the products included in the gift set, view my post: Unexpected Package. As I have told you, if it's a BB cream, I'll definitely love it. And now here's something worth trying.
SNOE BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix in X2-Marble. The color is indicated for Light colored skin with yellow undertones. This product comes in a 10ml container. 
It claims to:
  • transform you daily facial cream into a BB cream
  • cover imperfections, pimples
  • evens out skin tone
  • conceals under eye dark circles
So how do you used this product? Mix your favorite daily facial cream with the Bbfied's powder on the cover of the container. Using the spatula provided in the kit, mix the two together. Keep adding more powder until you get the right coverage. it's like a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, foundation and concealer in one product. You control the coverage according to mixture.
It is just like a usual powder with a huge amount of color. Maybe that's why it's called Pigment huh? *insert sarcasm here* Sorry about that, I can be weird sometimes. When I tried to blend the powder on my skin, it gave an immediate heavy coverage. Wow!
And upon mixing it with my Pond's Day Cream, it did become a BB cream. If I mix more powder, it can create a heavy coverage. Some of the product left on cap can be used to spot conceal blemishes. It dries fast upon application like my facial cream. And then Bbfied stays put on my face, matte finish, having a good staying power lasting for more than 4 hours. I like it but it's a bit of a hassle to make specially if you are in a hurry. Maybe I'll purchase another one if I hit the pan. Share your thoughts about this in the comment box below. Thank you for your time! ;)


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