Monday, February 25, 2013

TRESemme Judgement

Remember the post I had that I bought a trial pack of TRESemme? Oh well, here's a short post on what I have to say about the product. I got my hair rebonded last June so I love the smoothness and softness it offers after the treatment, but in time the smoothness fades and turns to frizz which is a bit of a problem for me because it doesn't look right. And the softness diminishes leaving only dry and dull hair. And if I don't use conditioner, my hair will look like a mess all day. That'll be literally BAD HAIR DAY for me. So I'm quite excited to try this TRESemme. Here's a shot of me showing you my hair.
Sorry, I have to wear a towel because I'm wearing black top that time and you won't be able to clearly see my hair. It look ok on this picture but the ends are crazy and I have frizzy hair sticking on top of my head. Now I have tried TRESemme let's see if it returns my smooth and shiny hair. Here's a recent shot of my hair weeks of using TRESemme line.

That's a shot without a flash. As you can see, less frizz. Here's a shot with flash where you can clearly see the shine of my hair.
What can I say? Besides the fact that I love the smell of both this product, I love it when I run my fingers through my hair. No tangles, I mean it. I love the soft feeling of my hair. And another thing is that I don't have to regularly comb my hair, even if it gets blown away with the wind it returns back to normal with almost no tangles. The conditioner has a creamier consistency than the shampoo so it clings better on the hair, working as a treatment. I really like it. This product works good on me. What do you think about this? Leave a comment below and thanks for your time! ;)


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