Thursday, February 28, 2013

C2 Milky Tea

As most of you have know (well, if you have been seeing some of my posts here and on instagram), I love MILK TEA!!! And I taste almost every new milk tea I encounter. And this one costs only 13 pesos so I immediately took it from the stack and paid. That's how impulsive I get whenever I see a new milk tea. So without further a do, here's the C2 Milky Tea! ;)
This would be a rather short post because the C2 milky tea is the usual tea with a taste of creamer. Yup, you read that right. Creamer! The one you put on the coffee. That's what it really tastes like, I mean it. Don't worry, I still love it. I love how the creamer blends perfectly with the tea without overpowering the taste of good ol' tea. Anyway, tell me if you have tried this. Leave a comment below if you have anymore suggestions of good milk teas out there. Thank you for reading and till next time! ;)


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