Thursday, January 31, 2013

Before January Ends

The first month of 2013 has been good to me and I think it'll be better for everyone of us. Well, I am born in the year of the snake and this year is the year of the water snake. I saw TV shows that say that the year of the snake is not always a good year. In feng shui, the 2 opposing elements of fire & water is at work during the year of the snake. These signs are meant to guide us & not control our lives. Remember that only God knows how our lives go and only us can control what will happen.
We will be your future doctors. We will try our best to serve in the most excellent way we can. TMC, Team Medical Coconut. Derived from the comics Team Medical Dragon. Changed in Coconuts because we are Filipinos. And let's not forget the birthday celebrant of the month, JAY!!
As the saying say:
 Expect the WORST, Hope for the BEST!!!


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