Saturday, December 8, 2012

I BELIEVE: Own Shade of Lipstick

I got tired reading my Obstetrics book and I'm only at chapter 4 so today, I read an article on the LOOK magazine. It states that I shouldn't be buying a lot of different colors of lipsticks and should stick on the basic ones like nude, rosy pink, hot pink, orange and red. This is for the reason that you can control the color on your lips the way you want it. These could be used on top of one another to create different shades you desire. Luckily, I have them all.
(from left to right) orange, rosy pink, hot pink, nude, red..

The first 2 are from Avon, and as you can see they are the ones I usually use. The hot pink is from Nivea which is totally shimmery and I love the pink shade of it. The next one is from Mac, a nude color near to beige which I use whenever I go for dramatic bold eyes. And the last one is from Lancome, it's a bright red lipstick which goes well when I don't have much make up on.

The tip is to first put on a shade you want to stand out. If you want orangy red, swipe an orange before topping it off with a red. The second color is the one that will control your base giving it the perfect shade you want. Another tip is if you want 1 color to stand out than the other is to have 2-3swipes of the color you want.

Hope that helps.. ;)


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