Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I BELIEVE: Mascara Tricks

And because I've been reading some blogs and websites for quite some time, I learned some tips and tricks on applying mascara. Here are some:

1. Plastic bristles lessens clumping of lashes
-unlike the mascara that has brushes, the brushes itself clumps so it increases the chances of you having some Spider lashes (clumped lashes.) Well, Spider lashes had been a trend on runways in the past season so if you want that, brushes is recommended to use.

2. Avoid clumping by doing a Zigzag motion from base to tip of the lashes
-I have learned this technique from Abie, a friend of mine. She always tells me tips and tricks about make up and this is the best one I've got. This tip separates the lashes from each other to create more volume.

3. When your mascara has dried up, use a lash comb or a clean mascara brush to remove the clumps
-this is another trick to create a false lashes look because lashes will look thicker and fuller than your normal lashes.

4. Apply 1 coat to create a natural-looking fuller lashes, apply 2 coats to create volume
-once you coat your lashes, lashes will look more obvious. Another coat will create volume because the lashes will appear thicker. Let the 1st coat dry first a few moments before applying another coat.

5. Roll the mascara brush to create length.
-this creates length because the mascara at the body where the bristles/brushes are attached, coats the lashes up to its tip.

6. When curling your lashes, warm your lash curler just above a cup of newly boiled water. 
-the steam will warm the curler which makes curl of lashes last longer. Just think of it like you are straightening or curling your hair with an iron

7. Hold the mascara at the curl for a few seconds to make the curl last longer
-this way, the mascara holds on more securely at the curl and disperses the product on your lashes. Plus a bit of pressure using the mascara wand is like already curling your lashes for the 2nd time. ;)

Here are some of the mascara that I've tried:
Nichido Dual Mascara
HengFang Volume Gamour Mascara


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