Monday, May 7, 2012

NICHIDO Dual Mascara

I've had this mascara before and I bought this because Agatha, a friend of mine, told me that it is dual purpose. The package is really cute because of its dual end, and it is very easy to open and use. Here's how it looks like.

The first end is a white one which creates a base for you lashes. It gives a white coat which has Pro Vit. B which prepares your lashes for the next coat. The other end of the mascara creates the effect of lengthened lashes. Due to the first base coat, the black coat adheres to the lashes more effectively creating a more dramatic longer lashes look.

I always wear this if I ever wanted to make my lashes look longer. The good thing about this is it doesn't smudge. So in case you you were suddenly get wet due to a water accident or you cried out of joy, you won't be able to have problems looking like you just came out of a horror movie. And when I'm ready to take it off, I use make up remover or just wash my face with water. I noticed that it really doesn't smudge and it just comes off as strands of coats from your lashes. I love this and you should also try it. ;)

Here's the link for:
Nichido Website
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