Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt

I have loved yogurt for like forever since I have tried it in my elementary days. I rarely bought one in the old days because they are worth 32pesos for a small cup of Nestle yogurt. So when they had it on 25pesos since last 2010, I frequently have myself one cup for almost every week just to have some healthy live microorganism to take care of my tummy.
They have flavors like Mango, Berry and Strawberry. <3
Oh wow! I just learnt from KC that they had 500grams of yogurt for the prize of 108pesos. I think it is really sulit because I LOVE YOGURT!! No other reasons besides that. You should try it, after I brought home this baby it was empty in one night. Why? My family loved it too! So I'll be buying another one of this maybe next week. You can avail of this in your supermarket, usually at the dairy section. I'm trying to have a healthy living, how about you? ;)


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