Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action Cleanser

As you know, because of my oily skin I have a strict skin care regimen to prevent breakouts. I still have them once or twice in a while because of the pollution from outside, as you know I commute from my house to school and back. And the newest skincare is the Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser. Why did I change from the Pore tightening of eskinol? They have discontinued it so I need to find a good alternative. And I found this! ;)
It claims that it controls oil up to 8 hours and it won't clog pores. That caught my eyes because of my overly large pores that catches every dirt and dust from the outside. I love it the first time I used it, because of the Rice Extract it smells really good and it cleanses deeply removing dirt, oil & make up. Can I repeat myself? I love it. Clean & Clear products haven't failed me. What can I say, Thumbs Up Clean & Clear. Thank you so much for your time! ;)


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