Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bon Voyage Kim

This coming September 7, Kim (one of my closest friend) will be flying off to Canada to live there with her sister and mother. Since her mother has been working there for 5 years, both of them can now live at Canada. Her elder brother will be staying her in the Philippines for reasons of age, work and lifestyle (I think?). And since we won't be seeing Kim for an awfully long time, we decided to have a small gathering / DESPEDIDA!!!

Last time, we all met at SM Dasma to have lunch and talk about random things. Wanna know the topics? I'm gonna list some anecdotes just so I won't be able to forget about them:
Look at these two! <3
  • 5k kinsenas, walang kaltas with benefits
  • ahhh, matagal na pala tong group na toh
  • ambagal nio, 1st knife!
  • anak ng dilim ung lalakeng yun
  • I <3 geamh
  • wag mo muna sara ang webcam kasi CHUBBY
  • Pedro, Baldo da kalbo
  • Sino, Ano, Kelan, Saan
  • love you too..
  • ah-eh, yung.. kasi.. miss you.. *stuttering*
  • wala ka pasok ngayon? eh bukas?
  • antagal niyo magkahawak kamay!!!
  • gusto mo? *pizza
  • juzko, 15 months!!! antagal kea nun!
  • itatali ka na, kung ayaw mo magdala ka ng 2 donor
  • yung buntis sa room 221, punta ka dito sa station
  • mag IM ka na lang, masisipag yun mag rounds eh
  • mag anes ka kung gusto mo yumaman
  • ano ba gusto mo? Yumaman o magserbisyo?
  • Iiyak na yan.
  • pakitext si kim, HUHUHU. talo lang ha.

Kim is not in this picture because she's the one who took this shot. Awww.. I'll miss you Kim just like how I miss each and everyone of truprends, don't worry Nitram you're included already in this pact. I have nothing more to say, but padala ka naman ng SNOW!!! Since we don't have snow in the Philippines. Maybe we'll also be talking in skype in the next few months just like when Annie told me about her big day. Bon voyage! ;)


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