Monday, August 20, 2012

Caribe at the Islands Tour

You know places like Carribean type of houses? I only see them on magazines and they seem so surreal. The model house and ready to be occupied looks like it was torn directly from a magazine. I'll be posting a lot of photos here so get ready for huge loving! ;)

Here's the view from the front. It has it's own 2 car parking space with automated gates for easy access.
And here's the Sala and dining table. The agent said that the dining table can be removed just in case you wanted a wider spaced Sala.
Here's the table arrangement of the dining table, it looks so nice I wouldn't bother eat just to keep the decor in place.
We then looked at the kitchen and we saw another dining table!
The cabinets are the best, according to mom maybe because she can reach it.
I love how the other dining table has a rest area (no idea what it is called)
Beside the Sala is the stairs to the 2nd floor.
And I forgot to mention that underneath the stairs, there is a mini receiving area. The agent also said that it could be a family room. It looks so cute and BLUE!!! I'd definitely want to have this kind of room on my future house.
On to the second floor, there is a mini table just across the stairs separating the masters bedroom and 2 other rooms.
On the left side is the Master's bedroom. Take a look at this one!!! This room also had their own balcony which I forgot to include in the picture.
And behold of the closet that has 2 huge mirrors as its door! My brother and I was reminded of this seen from Inception. If you have seen that movie, you'll know what we're talking about.
My brother requested that we take a picture of the bathroom mirror because he said that it looks like the bathroom from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
On the sides of this mirror is a bathtub and a shower stall.
After the masters' bedroom, we headed for the other rooms which looks like rooms for the children. One is colored PINK!! My favorite! And it has its own bathroom which is also with a hint of pink.
And I think mom also loved it.
Another bedroom looks like a room for a boy. Yes, a BOY. I mean that by emphasizing that it is indeed for a kid. The walls here are filled with foam!
Another room is I think, a guest room.
It also has a mini table set (I have no idea what I'm talking about)
Finally all the rooms are done and we're off to have lunch. But I took some final shot as we were about to leave.
This house is really so cute. Literally cute! It looks like a doll house for me. It is called Daniella. The Caribe at the Islands is located in Brgy. Paliparan, Dasmarinas Cavite. Thank you for your time and I hope you'll get to visit this place soon. Here are the links if you want to contact them:


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