Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finally Partying

At last, the party of these two gelz was finally held at Yellowcab!! Look what we all got for them. Thank you Jay for the sponsor.
-xoxo TMC

And since it became a now or never event (OF COURSE WE WOULDN'T LET IT BE A POSTPONED AGAIN) we decided to held it during lunchtime at Yellowcab.  Even all of us are worrying for the quiz on Pathology, to be specific it's the disorders of the WBC, spleen and thymus. But still, we managed to enjoy every food that was served to us.
We got 2 pichers of coke, 1 pizza, 4 pasta and 2 boxes of potato halves. What more could you ask for? I was so FULL!! Thank you gelz, mwuah! ;)
And one more photo before ending this post. No further photos were added due to undescribable insanity in each shot. Eto na lang kasi maganda ako dito at wala na laman ung pizza box! Simot!! ;))


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