Friday, August 24, 2012

Clean your Brushes

I always clean my brushes every other day because this helps me prevent breakouts. Besides, it's hygenic to clean your brushes. For my face bruhes, I have a pair of powder brush, stippling brush and blush brush. I have them in pairs so whenever I wash a set, I still have another set to be used while I wait for the other brushes to dry up. This shot shows only 1 set.
Reasons why you need to clean your brushes regularly...

  1. Dirty brushes accumulate bacteria from air even if it is in your room
  2. Dirty brushes that comes in contact with your face should be cleaned regularly. Pores tend to be sensitive to dirty brushes and your face with the most visible pores will breakout.
  3. Brushes used for liquid foundation or BB cream and the like (concealer brush, foundation brush and stippling brush), should be cleaned as frequently as possible because wet bristles makes the bacteria cling more easily
  4. Eyeshadow brushes can be cleaned less frequently unless you are using loud colors. But if you are using the same color for the same brush over and over again, cleaning them after 2-3days would suffice. 
  5. Liquid eyeliner brushes should be clean always after use, because they are the closest brush in contact with your eyes and eyelashes
How do I clean my brushes?
  1. I use anti-bacterial soap to remove bits and pieces of make up on the bristles of the brush
  2. Then I use a shampoo with conditioner to keep the bristles soft
  3. I rotate the brush on my palm until I don't see any make up color on my palm then I run it on water
  4. Avoid holding the brush upright because water can cause the glue weaken, this can make the bristles fall off.
  5. Keep them lying on a flat platform then cover them with tissue to facilitate drying and prevent contamination.
That's how I clean my brushes, if you want a demonstration I find Say Tioco Artillero's vlog about cleaning brushes helpful. Please refer to her video for further information. Thank you for reading! ;)


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