Saturday, August 25, 2012


I have been going to the parlor to get my toes done / pedicure since I was in Grade 3. Why? It's because my toenails tend to bury themselves deep into the sides of the toes which causes ingrown nails. I have had 3 minor surgeries, Ungectomy (surgical removal of ingrown nails), even before I reach the 4th grade. Two on the right and one on the left, both involves the big toe. And now, it happened yet again..
Look how small my toenails are, that's why it's very prone to having ingrown nails. And now, it is hurting and swelling again, that's why I have to put some antibiotics right on it to cure it. I hope it gets ok because it hurts when I'm wearing shoes. Do you have this kind of incident? Anyway, thank you for your time! Share some thoughts. ;)


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