Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo Hokkaido Milk Tea

You know I love milk tea so it's no wonder why I always blog about the new milk teas I'm loving. Lately, I saw Tokyo Tokyo have it's own version of a Naicha / Milk Tea. I tried the Hokkaido, it's a caramel flavored milk tea with black pearls and red tea jelly. It's only in 1 size and the Hokkaido is for 70pesos while the Original is for 60pesos. And because I'm so inlove with milk teas, I immediately tried it.
Uhmm, what can I say? I love it. The milk tea tasted good and I have nothing against it. The tapoica is just chewy unlike the other milk teas I've tried where the tapoica is either too hard that it takes time to chew it or it's too soft it's already like a gelatin. The love how the red tea jelly gave a twist of taste in the milk tea. I can't exactly describe it, so I suggest you try it out for yourself. I bet you'll also love it. ;)


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