Saturday, June 30, 2012

SilverDust Accessories

And because I love discovering new online shops especially when they are on facebook, Nikki's friend Melissa asked me to check out their page. For me, having an online shop on facebook makes it easier for people to communicate and view the products you're selling. I was like, WOW! If you're the type of person who loves accessories, this page is right for you! I mean, this accessories can turn your look from pretty to GORGEOUS or from sexy to VA-VA-VOOM! Besides, remember that accessories make a simple dress look sophisticated. Here's a clip from their page.
Just click the name of the shop to direct you to their page. If you have any inquiries, their contact details are on that page in case you want to grab some of the products they're selling. Just look at the clip I got, OMG! The accessories are so beautiful and it's very affordable. Now, go check it out! ;)


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