Thursday, June 7, 2012

Parents + Strike

When we had Strike, he's the smallest puppy in the bunch and no one wants to adopt him because he looks like he'll easily die because of his small body. Dad and mom told us that he'll never live long because he looks sickly. I'm quite glad that after some time, they grew to love him.
Dad loves Strikes so much that Strikes returns it excessively. Whenever Dad comes home from somewhere, Strike will bark at us, like he's telling us that Dad just arrived. Then when he sees Dad, he'll jump high, run like a madman then licks his face. That's how happy he is when he sees dad. That's practically what he also does with Mom. He's not like that to Marco and I. In the picture above, they are checking if Strike has lies. Family bonding time! ;)

He would even sleep at the guest's chair at Dad's office just to spend time with Dad. He would just open his eyes when he felt that Dad is going somewhere and Dad will just reassure him that he'll be back after a few minutes, and that's the time he'll close his eyes again. Mom said, she wonders why Strike would always chose chairs to sleep on. He could just sleep on the floors but he still prefers chairs. Arte ng asong toh! Anyway, we still love him and will always do. :))


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