Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starbucks Hojicha + Tea Jelly Frappe

Since Agatha had to pay the Maybelline Liquid foundation I gave her, I asked her instead to just treat me at Starbucks. When she got the usual, and I got to taste a new drink. They're brewing 2 new drinks: Hojicha + Tea Jelly Frappe and Red Beam + Green Tea Frappe. I tried the Hojicha, so if you love trying out something new this is a drink to try.

And of course, I had extra whip cream on my drink because I love it. They would even say that it'll make me fat. But, I won't blow up overnight with just 1 drink. C'mon, are you serious? Anyway, I wanted a chocolate syrup on top of my whip cream but they didn't have it on Hojicha. Oh well, it was worth it because the Tea Jelly was so yummy! ;)
Have you tried it? Let me know what do you think about this new drink Starbucks is having, leave it in the comment box down below. Do you prefer the regulars or the new ones? Till next time! ;)


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